Monday Fun Day!

Wowza!!  Usually by Sunday night I have a pretty good jump on what I need to have done for the week!! Or I have a false sense of security that I do😏.

I was feeling pretty good about myself considering I had used this blog to remind myself of exactly what I needed this week.  I NEVER stop multitasking!!  Can I get an AMEN?  You would think that at least today would have gone relatively smoothly!!

Well, that may have happened if I had taken my own advise:).  Which I had fully planned on doing. However, because I have a very high learning curve with technology right now it may or may not have taken me a RIDICULOUS amount of time to get that post POSTED.  In my perfect vision, yes, sometimes I see things….I pictured you all reading my blog as I ran around town in organizational bliss preparing for the week!  Bahahaha!  Um…by the time I finished and pushed PUBLISH it was time to gather everyone up for the hour drive over the river and through the….to Grandma’s birthday party.

The entire time I was at the party I was hoping that I would at least get one thing accomplished from my survival list.

Success!!!  We were home and kids in bed on time by 8:30!  Everything else….blah!!  I did my favorite new thing and ordered my groceries online from Hyvee!!  It’s free delivery if your order is over $100…so that is a no brainer!!  Love it!

So did we make it through today?  Barely😬😉😂😨

We have this amazing phenomenon that occurs at the Brouwer house almost EVERY morning.  Seriously.. its weird. The kids get up and are usually dressed and eating breakfast by 7 ish!!  I always say we will leave about 7:30. However…somehow all forward movement halts and time skips from 7:00 to 7:4O instantly.  No joke! Everyone looks at me in complete shock when I say it is time to leave. I mean COMPLETE SHOCK!!


I feel the need to get a Delorean and consult Doc Brown  just to prove to them that they did indeed do nothing in the time that passed. You’ve heard it…”I WAS getting ready” and yet they are not ready…weird😉.   AND as if the universe was trying to play a joke on me IT happened.   “Mom!  I NEED a snack for a party today!”  

So…todays theme….Do What I say and not what I do😕😕😓😓😭😭…..I can’t help the Emojis I LOVE THEM…If you missed it check out  my post Emojis are for Everyone 😜😜😜



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