Today I was tired. ¬†I got home from work and made it through the first hour of snack, homework, and hearing about everyone’s day. ¬†I WAS dragging!!! ¬†However, like most parents, our night wasn’t even close to over. ¬†Tonight Grant and James had piano lessons, I had a few errands to run and James had his second grade concert!

I have been to many concerts and will go to MANY more. ¬†I always look forward to them. ¬†I mean COME ON!! those kids are so ADORABLE! ¬†It really doesn’t matter how rascally they are at other times. ¬†When you get them all dressed up and on stage, it is FABULOUS! ¬†You have such a variety! ¬†I have talked with friends and colleagues about this at length. ¬†Things that you may see at an elementary concert are….in random order….

  1. The “I am Celine Dion” belting everything loud and clear! ¬†Sometimes in tune…
  2. The “Watermelon”. You know…. mouth moving/not singing!
  3. The “I Love my dress and will swish it the entire time” girl! ¬†PRICELESS.
  4. The “Deer in the Headlights”. Often more common at preschool/kindergarten concerts…but one of my FAVORITES.
  5. ALSO common in early elementary… The “I should have gone to the bathroom” dancer.
  6. The “My MOM made me wear this Ridiculous, itchy outfit so now I’m going to stand here and look pissed kid”
  7. The “I am sure none of the 600 people watching can see that I have been picking my nose through the entire song kid!!

I love all of them!!!!

So…we went yo the concert…AND…like I said I have been to many. ¬†This one however..I don’t know. ¬† Maybe it is because of the violence, fear, hate that seems to be swirling around us right now. ¬†It was just what my heart needed! ¬†Those precious kids singing their hearts out. ¬†It was magic! ¬†I know it seems silly. ¬†I mean it was a second grade concert. ¬†However, if you live in Vermillion South Dakota, and you know Gretchen Burbach. ¬†It was a production! ¬†Not an over the top…this is CRAZY production. ¬†It is truly amazing to see Gretchen work with these kids. ¬†They are ALL involved! ¬†They learn so many things as they work on these concerts. ¬†This particular concert was about harmony. ¬†A perfect theme for the world right now. ¬†And the final song!!! ¬†Harmony…Melodies and words by Gretchen BurBach. It was inspiring! ¬†So Gretchen Burbach, Thank you. ¬†Thank you for teaching and loving and inspiring these children (and their parents . Sleep well my friend!!



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